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Our Values

Learning and sharing

Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan seeks to maximise opportunities for our partner organisations to share their experiences and learn from both each other and good practice from other initiatives – through our website, e-newsletter and where possible, participatory workshops.

Self-evaluation and assessment

Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan supports funded organisations to develop and build their capacity to evaluate and assess the effectiveness and impact of their projects. We will provide easy-to-use monitoring and evaluation tools.


Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan seeks to promote and uphold ethical relationships between people, the natural environment and wildlife. We seek to support projects that promote the equal participation of both men and women, comply with international guidance on child labour, and ensure social welfare.


Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan will be open about its grant assessment criteria and award processes. We will provide information about the sources of the funds for the programmes.


Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan seeks to make its grants programmes and application processes accessible to both new and smaller organisations that may not have a lot of experience of applying for and securing funding.


Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan seeks to develop respectful, equitable and sustainable partnerships with the organisation’s it supports.

Our Mission

The Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan works for the social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in Uttar Pradesh. Our mission is to protect, plant, cultivate and promote trees in partnership, help underprivileged, providing sustainable solutions to an individuals related to their environment, helping communities to increase their resilience to environment degradation and climate shocks through supporting the establishment of community-led natural resource management strategies with local communities in ways which support the

advocacy and promotion

advocacy and promotion of public awareness of both local and global socio-economic issues

Improving Livelihoods

I mprovement of livelihoods in rural communities through the sustainable use of natural products, especially through the cultivation and use of traditional foods and medicines to improve food security, nutrition, and health

Developing socially and Environment

Development of socially and environmentally desirable local governance and community by-laws which meet the needs and aspirations of local communities, while contributing to the formulation of more effective national and regional policies.


Vision is our mission. Restoring vision to people in developing nations is our cause. We are a nonpr local physicians

our causes

Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan , Non-profit government organization, fundraising.Our activities help people.

Aarogyam For HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Patient

TB is a killer disease and India has about one third of patients the world over. It is estimated that there are about 14 million TB cases in India with an annual infection rate of 5 lakh patients and about 1000 patients dying every day. The annual loss to the nation due to TB is estimated at Indian Rs.12,000 crores [...]

Shyam Surat

Gurukul "To Provide Education to all"

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. Yet, after 70 years of Independence, over two crore children (NSS-2014) still remain out-of-school in India.

Shyam Surat

Nandu Gaushala For Cows

In 2015, Shyam Surat Manav Vikas Adhyayan Sansthan, started working on the dairy program by bringing the stray cows from the street with the help of Nagar Nigam and Nagar Palika which help us to catch the cows and bring them to our places where we provide them shelter and food.

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